Mortgage Information

As part of or service, we will help with all aspects of obtaining a mortgage here in Spain.

This includes personally taking you into our banking partners to discuss your requirements. We will guide you to the best banks to approach for a mortgage depending on the property you wish to purchase. Many of our properties offer 'attached' mortgages saving you potentially thousands in set up and notary fees.

Interest rates of course change daily - and the mortgage conditions will differ depending on such things as age, the property you wish to purchase, earnings, credit rating and so on - simiilar to the UK. We can give you good advice and estimates but whilst on your visit, we will, as part of that visit, ensure you have all the accuaret information before deciding on a purchase.

This is just part of our completely free Aftersales service - we can do this because we are based here locally in Spain - we are not sitting in the UK employing self-employed salespeople (on targets) as is the case with the vast majority of agents!

Contact us for more details!